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Drive around in a hamster-powered Ratmobile and collect all the gold coins without crashing. There are more ways to go so explore the levels and collect more points for a higher high score.
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Vegetables Memory Game Vegetables Memory Game Vegetables Memory GameDo your best to accurately match the vegetables on the cards through three levels of increasing difficulty. Each level will add more cards and also a larger variety of different vegetables. Test your memory and see how few errors you can make matching the food!
Jumping Jenny Jumping Jenny Jumping JennyJump n’ climb as high as possible. Use the mouse to set jumping angle and power, release the mouse button to jump and try to land on a platform. Beware of moving and shrinking platforms, and use your super jump power to clear tough situations.
Pizza Shop Pizza Shop Pizza ShopThe ingredients starting with pizza base will be highlighted. Click on them in that order,and then click on the box. Click on the pizza again to put in it in the box. The ingredients will vary for the next pizza. You have to make 10 pizzas in 3 minutes in the first level. The number of pizzas to be will increase in the subsequent levels,and limit will also increase.
Holly Hobbie Attic Treasures Holly Hobbie Attic Treasures Holly Hobbie Attic TreasuresGo find valuable treasures in the attic.
3d Fashion Model 3d Fashion Model 3d Fashion ModelEnchant the runway audience with a new dimension of drop-dead-gorgeous girls.
Sparks Of War Sparks Of War Sparks Of WarPlace your turrets on corners and other high attack spots to take out the tower defense invaders.
Jelly Ice Cream Jelly Ice Cream Jelly Ice CreamIn this game you are making ice creams for kids. The kids will show you the ice cream they want. Pay attention what cone or plate, how many balls of what colors and what dressings they want.
Fruit Fairy Fruit Fairy Fruit FairyGive our favorite fairy a nice new set of dresses to show off with her friends.
Flowers Fairy Dress Up Flowers Fairy Dress Up Flowers Fairy Dress UpThis beautiful creature is the Flowers Fairy. She is the master of all the flowers in the world, she creates them by magic and she is even able to talk to them. She is a good fairy who loves to bring happiness in people's live. That's why she creates such beautifully flowers for them, to make them smile and fall in love. The Earth without flowers would look so sad! Play with the beautiful fairy by creating a new look for her visit on the Earth! Dress her up, choose her magic accessories and make her up! At the end she must be as beautiful as a flower!
Sift Heads World Act 6 Sift Heads World Act 6 Sift Heads World Act 6After having their head quarters destroyed, Vinnie and his gang try to find the culprit and stop them for good. But the guys will find out that more than one clan is behind this attack!
Lovers Kiss 2 Lovers Kiss 2 Lovers Kiss 2Use the mouse to interact. Select the gender and kiss your lover who will be dressed in different costumes. Find out and kiss your lover among the other people who resemble your lover. Attain the kissing target with the given color-dresses worn by your lover before the stipulated time gets over. Each time, when the bar gets filled, one kissing target will get reduced from the list. If you kiss the wrong person, you will lose a life. Avoid kissing while other people stare as otherwise you will a life.
Sort My Tiles Ned Medodd Sort My Tiles Ned Medodd Sort My Tiles Ned MedoddComplete the Ned Medodd puzzle piece to find out what he is thinkng.
Battlefones Battlefones BattlefonesDo battle with the toughest fones ever to grow legs and fight.
Tank Tactics Tank Tactics Tank TacticsTake control of enemy spawn buildings and blast away enemies as you fight to survive.
Blobink 2 Blobink 2 Blobink 2In the slightly prenatal pastime game 'Blobink 2' you're an inky blob and have to colorize all the screens.
Ford Bike Racer Ford Bike Racer Ford Bike RacerSimply Beat your opponent in this awesome Ford Bike Racing game!
Arkandian Legends Chapter 1 Crusade Arkandian Legends Chapter 1 Crusade Arkandian Legends Chapter 1 CrusadePlay Arkandian Crusade game and make your place in the history of Arkandia. Thrown head first into the raging conflict between heaven and hell you must choose a side and forever change the fate of the world in this adventure games. Delve into deep dungeons and emerge with a pack full of loot, defend the kingdom with the help of your personal companions or spend your time by the forge crafting artifacts of great power.
Bots Zapper Bots Zapper Bots ZapperShoot the robots as they fly around on your screen. Careful not to let them shoot you first!
Snow Crusher Snow Crusher Snow CrusherBuild a monster snowball for some car-crushing action! Choose keyboard or mouse controls for this game.
Loco Roco 2 Loco Roco 2 Loco Roco 2Quick play any 1 of 6 randomly selected levels. Match the loco colour to the flower colour. Roll in the pod the change the locoRoco colour.
One Piece Fg 2 One Piece Fg 2 One Piece Fg 2Help Monkey the Luffy to fight all the baddies. Stay alive for as long as you can and defeat the boss.
Cute Pony Daycare Cute Pony Daycare Cute Pony DaycarePamper these ponies with tons of hugs and plenty pasture time. How to play Cute Pony Daycare: Click the icons under the Food, Care, and Exercise tabs to keep your adorable little pony happy and healthy all day long.
Polar Pogo Polar Pogo Polar PogoHop on the pogo stick with the polar bear as far as possible.
Color Smash Color Smash Color SmashHow fast can you destroy the cubes before they make a mountain? Click on a group of at least three cubes of the same color and destroy hem all before they reach the top.
Doodle God Doodle God Doodle GodPrepare to puzzle hard, peeps. Start with the First Four elements: stone, fire, air and water. Combine them to make new elements: air + water = steam, right? Now make hundreds of elements!
Gimme 5 Wlidlife Gimme 5 Wlidlife Gimme 5 WlidlifeCompare 2 images based on wildlife animals and find 5 differences.You are given one minute per image pair and 5 jokers per game.
Habbo Hotel Habbo Hotel Habbo HotelRemember where each furniture was located. The room will be emptied and you will have to place each furniture in the right place before the time ends.
Dinosaur Truck Dinosaur Truck Dinosaur TruckYou are in charge of delivering eggs in the Dinosaur Park, but dinosaurs have been on the lose and want their eggs back! You must deliver the goods to your destination with out getting attacked!
Puzzle Core Puzzle Core Puzzle CoreDual screen block busting action - are you skilled enough?!
Gnocchi Gnocchi GnocchiIt is an Italian food, in fact, the word gnocchi in Italian means "lump". Gnocchi is most often made with potatoes, though it can also be made from flour, squash, cheese or even polenta. Gnocchi is served much in the same manner as pasta, with sauce or some butter and sage or parmesan cheese.
Holly Hobby Beanbag Toss Holly Hobby Beanbag Toss Holly Hobby Beanbag TossHolly Hobby is having fun today with her best friends. She needs your help to win some prizes.
Connect4 Connect4 Connect4Get four in a row before your opponent does.
halloween elegance halloween elegance halloween eleganceSelect an elegant dress for this lady attending a halloween party.
big country fun big country fun big country funHelp Strawberry and Honey Pie round-up the chirping chicks. Avoid the mud and collect all the chicks in all 3 rounds for bonus points. Pick diamonds and strawberries to add extra seconds.
dress cindy dress cindy dress cindyGet Cindy a perfect attire for her look.
party girl dress up party girl dress up party girl dress upTonight party will be held soon. Help the fashion girl dressup with the party clothes. So crazy! Enjoy yourself!